Getting into accidents is always a pain in the butt. You have to go through the drama of calling up your insurance, organising a panel beater, sending your car there and wait until it comes back. But before you go forward with this whole draining process: is the damage to your car really worth it? Are you actually going to drop all that money (on either the insurance excess or the repairs itself) for a dent that might not be a problem at all?

Well, we are here to tell you about the dents and damages that require you to get your car repaired. So if you are interested to know, keep reading below before you head off and get panel beating services in Melbourne!

  • Door Dents 
    One of the biggest frustrations with door dents is that you actually struggle to get your door opened. How annoying is that! So if you do find yourself that any one of your car doors is dented or damaged to the point that it can’t or won’t open properly, then you should be looking to get it repaired.

  • Your Bonnet Is Booted 
    A big sign to start calling your panel beater. If your bonnet is damaged or dented in any way, you should not risk driving it around. Why? The reason is simple enough: underneath your bonnet is your engine. And you are risking your car, as well as your safety by leaving your engine exposed in the open. A clear sign that you should be heading to get your car repaired.

  • The Boot Is Busted
    Yes, it is super annoying that you cannot open your boot, but it is not the end of the world. Over time, you should be looking to get your boot repaired, but it is not a big deal to get it completed right away. While boots are important, they don’t have the same importance as doors, bonnets, or as you will see below, wheels.

  • Anything Is Touching Your Wheels 
    What keeps your car going from A to B? Your wheels. And if any dents or damages have happened to the panels near or around your wheels, then you have to look to get it repaired by a panel beater as soon as possible!

These are the kind of smashes and dents you should look to get repaired. Firstly: they are the most common; and secondly, they are the type of damages that can make things worse for your car. So if you do find yourself with any of these damages, speak to our favourite experts: Collision Body Works – your local smash repairs shop in Altona North! For all your smash repairs services, they are the people you should trust!