Australia is a lovely place to visit for a holiday. There are plenty of cities to see, tons of locations to visit and a wealth of experiences to be had. One of those experiences include scuba diving and when it comes to scuba diving and Australia, there are plenty of places to scuba dive. But which places are the best? We did the research – and by that, we mean we spoke to a leading scuba diving company, Aquatic Adventures, and we did some diving ourselves – to bring you three of the best locations in Australia.

Head Up North! 

Up near the likes of the Queensland and even Darwin, the calm seas are gorgeous and lovely – which makes it perfect for some easy-going scuba diving action. While the diving might not be intense as cave diving (the third point) or the shipwreck diving (like in Melbourne – which is point two), it can be a lovely experience. You will be able to see the best of the coastal life of Northern Australia and get to see it all in the beautiful life. There is no questioning that when it comes to enjoying an easy-going and lovely experience, this is the location that you should head to!

The Bay Of Melbourne 

Just a few hours outside of Melbourne is the Mornington Peninsula. Along with this coastal region is there a wealth of scuba diving opportunities and experiences to had. There are plenty of shipwrecks and amazing creatures in the depth of the bay. But that is only one side of Melbourne. On the other, near the Queenscliff coast, is another field of scuba diving experiences that you can take up. There is no denying that when it comes to finding amazing scuba diving experiences in Australia; Melbourne is a haven with a wealth of beautiful underlying opportunities.

The Caves Of South Australia 

You wouldn’t think that South Australia has a wealth of caves that can be used for diving. Well, they do. On the border of South Australia and Victoria, there is range of mountains and farm lands which have caves dedicated to scuba diving. But this ain’t your regular diving, with the basic skills you’ll pick up at certified scuba diving courses. These caves can be dangerous and challenging. That is why you should be looking to undertake cave diving and going with a large crew for any of these caves. You’re going to need the experience and the help you to complete them.